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US HOLLYWOOD MONI INTERNATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, associated with the Beijing Moni ShengShi Media Co.,Ltd, was founded in Los Angeles by Chinese-American entrepreneur, Mr.Wang Lijun and famous Chinese director Chenyang Zhao, in January, 2015.

Lijun Wang has been in entertainment industry since 2000. He was the stunt director for many Hollywood films and involved the production of .¡°The Last Samurai¡±, ¡°Collateral¡±, ¡°Rush Hour 3¡±, ¡°Ocean¡¯s Thirteen¡±, etc. Additionally, he also works as action director in Hollywood Kung Fu films. China Central Television (CCTV) and Beijing TV¡¯s ¡°Chinese in Hollywood¡± show reported feature stories about Lijun Wang. US Hollywood Moni International Entertainment Group keeps long-term corporative relationship with Beijing Moni Shengshi Entertainment Company.

US Hollywood Moni International Entertainment Group is a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company and specialized in planning, filming, production, distribution, licensing and marketing. It covers every aspect of the entertainment industry from feature film, commercials, music videos, documentaries, television, outdoor advertising, corporate image/branding videos, to innovative event planning.

Departments of Moni Entertainment Group

Distribution Department
The Distribution department is in charge of growing and managing all digital distribution services and accounts in North America and internationally. It works as a bridge between Chinese market and US market.

Operating Department
Operating department is in charge of creating the marketing material for upcoming theatrical releases such as creating the posters and trailers as well as the television spots that will be released prior to the movie. Also, this department takes charge of every other details from pre-production and after release.

Production Department
The production department works to find and place talent in all of future feature films. Duties include, script coverage, casting sessions, general meetings with actors, screenings and much more.

Artist Management
Finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants, administering employee-benefit programs, managing employee relations issues, and administering employee engagement programs. Also, we import/export talents from both US and China and promote them in both countries for the future benefit.

Post Production Department
The post production department is responsible for all film editing, including; sounds, video, and audio.

Planning Department
The Planning department tracks the development of upcoming projects from conception through production, and focuses on getting new projects up and running.

The Office department works on administration, human resources and vehicle management.

Legal Department
The legal department works on every aspects related on contracts and entertainment law.

The Finance department is responsible for managing all funds, allocating assets, and making financial decisions for the company.

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