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Reproduction of transnational emotional twists and turns and singularity show Sino - American cultural interweaving and evolution

Reproduction of transnational emotional twists and turns and singularity show Sino - American cultural interweaving and evolution

LOS ANGELES, CA.May. 6, 2015 China-US co-production of 30-episode TV series "Merry to The West " has finished production. Twenty years ago, TV series" A Native of Beijing in New York " reflected of the Chinese American real life, transnational emotions, and the fate of life and Sino-American cultural differences in the long play. Recently, the US producer, the US Hollywood Moni International Entertainment Group Chairman Lijun Wang was interviewed regarding the TV series "Merry to The West" of the shooting purpose, script selection, creative staff and "Merry to The West" and " A Native of Beijing in New York " the different characteristics of the accepted Interview with US - China Times.

Reporter Yongtian Li reported in Los Angeles
" A Native of Beijing in New York " is the first Chinese TV series filmed both in United States and China in the 1990s, with starred Zheng Xiaolong, Feng Xiaogang, Jiang Wen and Wang Ji. It tells the story of a group of Beijingers living and struggling in New York. Twenty-one years later, as the US producer, how do you consider this TV show as another reflection of the Chinese people living in the United States?

Lijun Wang: The rising of Chinese going out boom in the early 90s, especially the United States, is the destination of the Chinese people to go abroad. " A Native of Beijing in New York " can be said that a true portrayal of that era. However, 20 years later, the times has changed, Chinese people go abroad, including to the United States, has become the norm. Statistics showed that the population of Chinese in the United States has reached 4.5 million, of which there are more than 80 million in Los Angeles. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that China has overtaken Mexico as the largest population as US immigration and that 147,000 Chinese immigrated to the United States in 2013. Last year, the travelers between the two countries exceeded 4 million. The economical and cultural interactions between China and the United States are becoming increasingly recently. In this context, here comes Merry to The West as the urgent need for a panoramic view of the social life of China and the United States reflect the drama.

In addition, China is one of the world's four ancient civilizations, with 5,000 years of long history of civilization and civilization, population of about 1.4 billion, and is a well-deserved power. As an important part of the overseas Chinese community, they are intertwined with modern flavor and ancient civilization of the blood. The Chinese, as the vicissitudes of life and the rejuvenation of the lush foliage trees, has been affecting the world. This work will certainly revoke the majority of Chinese and overseas Chinese audiences resonance.
US-China Times: "Merry to The West" adapted from Wang Yang's novel of the same name. As far as I know, there are a lot of similar works in the United States, but why do you choose this novel as a script for the drama?

Lijun Wang: There are mainly two factors:
On the one hand, the novel is well written. The novel tells about three Chinese women in Los Angeles trying to get US green card by marriage, but in the end turn into tragic story. Surrounded by the three women and the men around them, the author vividly depicts the Chinese American world, a small corner of the living state and sentient beings phase. The author is a storyteller, the plot ups and downs, often surprising but reasonable with personality characteristics. Writer Wang Yang won the "Chinese Women's Literature Award" and the United States Congress authorized "Outstanding Chinese Writer Award"
On the other hand it is because of the director Chenyang Zhao. She told me that after reading the novel, she immediately decided to buy scripts and copyrights.

US-China Times: Chenyang Zhao, as a beautiful director and screenwriter was a television host and documentary director previously. In 2002 she graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and became drama writer and director. Major works include "October Pregnant" "The Lying Lover" "Love Till Eternity" "AA Life Styal", "Laomi Home Marriage" and so on.

Lijun Wang: Yes, Chenyang Zhao has done many famous film and television works, known as the current China "The most popular female director".
Chenyang Zhao lived long time in United States, and she constantly fly between China and United States. This is the reason why she is interested in this script. Zhao, director of "Merry to The West", tells a simple journey of love to travel, reflecting the overseas Chinese emotional world and the fate of life. Seeking love is just as the tone of a story, which unfolds a series of unexpected people and things in the face of the embarrassment of life, marriage frustration, and even the loss of life struggling and hope, all through the heroine's perspective. The story begins in the United States, ending in China, there is a sharp contrast as twenty years ago all Chinese was facing "going out" and twenty years after facing the "coming back".

US-China Times: From your promotional materials, Jiang Wu played the TV actor Tian Ermai, and Jiang Wu is the actor who plays leading role in " A Native of Beijing in New York ". In the time of twenty years, the two brothers both experienced the great changes in life in the United States is one of the biggest focuses of the play.

Lijun Wang: You are right. In fact it is. Twenty-one years ago, Jiang Wen starred in " A Native of Beijing in New York ", the interpretation of an overseas Chinese struggle tragedy, and at the time of the early 90s people came to the United States Jiang Wen's cross-country can be described as an "adventure" trip. And twenty-one years later, his brother Jiang Wu once again embarked on the road to the United States through the "Merry to The West".

US-China Times: I noticed the other three actors played the main roles are also superstars in today's film and television industry.

Lijun Wang: Actors in "Merry to The West" are all carefully selected. Female actor Yu Feihong, 21 years ago as a student, had three years experiences living in Los Angeles, now played a role that pursues true lover as always. The emotional ups and downs of the fate show the bitter life of overseas Chinese.

US-China Times: Compared to " A Native of Beijing in New York ", what is the biggest feature of "Merry to The West"?

Lijun Wang: "Marriage" is from the female perspective to tell the stories of career, love, and marriage. It is extremely intuitive, with in facts that demonstrate the details of overseas Chinese life. Twenty years ago, the " A Native of Beijing in New York " told the Chinese people with "mystery" and "visit" into the United States; twenty years later, "Marry" is more objective and realistic, with Chinese American work hard to make dreams come true and tell the story of different destinies.




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