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"Marry to the West" exposure to work according to a high-quality boutique drama

The TV series ¡°Marry to the West¡± has been finished part of its shooting in LA and the crew is having a smooth cooperation. Many well known, award-winning TV actors and actresses including Liren Dai, Yalei Gui, Shaoxiong Xu, Lili Liu all gather in LA to create this high quality TV production.
Many actors in this crew have won numerous film awards in China. They have worked as directors and have made their own productions. With all these achieved actors and crew, the director Chenyang Zhao is very confident about the show. With great controlling ability, the director has very high standards on the actors, she asked them to perform not only in actions, but also talks with their eyes.
Extremely real and common scenes such as getting a driver¡¯s license, trying to find a job, trying to get legal status to stay in the US, renting a car, leasing a house will be scenes in the show. The show reveals the life of a Beijing girl flying across the world to the US for love. In a lot of people¡¯s mind in China, US is about traveling, shopping and relaxing, but they can hardly imagine the life of those who gave up everything in China to come to a foreign country to start a new life. ¡°Marry to the West¡± presents the life of those who people wouldn¡¯t naturally think about: some lives a decent life, some struggles, but they all fight hard for better life.
Wu Jiang plays Chinese American in the show. His character has a funny appearance with an oily tongue, but in heart he is very kind and loving. In the story, his presence is a bridge of another character, Qiao Xie, who just arrived in the US and feels isolated with American society. Qiao Xie has an interesting outlook in the show, which will make the audience curious about her background and story. Liren Dai will play lawyer in the show and has a romantic and complicated relationship with Qiao Xie.


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