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TV series "General"

In 1938 during the time of Second Sino-Japanese War, Japanese invaders frantically ravage the land of the China. Dadan Xu, who used to be a persevering revolutionary hero with Yuebei district chief title, returns to Guangzhou city for the purpose of assassinating a Japanese female spy called Dongye Yumei.
Xiaobai Yu is at the same age as Dadan Xu and they grow up together as master and servant and best friends. When Dadan plans to assassinate Dongye Yumei, he finds shes wearing Yus familys hereditary treasure bracelet where proves out Dongye Yumei was Xiaobais old lover when they were at Japan. But Xiaobai doesnt know Dongye Yumeis real spy identity.
The two brothers Dadan and Xiaobai gradually misunderstand each other due to the Japanese female spys manipulation. Finally they all died from resisting of Japanese invaders. The Chinese nation experienced eight years of bloody battles, and ultimately won the final victory of the Second Sino-Japanese war.



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