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TV series "The Red Lady"


 Xiaohong Wang, a female Red Army soldier, is expert at medical skills who has been treated by local folks as ¡°fairy maiden comes down to earth¡±, the metaphor for a knowledgeable doctor.
Xiaohong is helping raising medicines for the wounded soldier of Communist Party of China during Chinese Civil War. On any given day, Xiaohong disguise herself as bride in order to find her father who runs a medicine clinic at Mei¡¯s family in Yuping County. However, by coincidence, Xiaohong is caught to Heilong Mountain by a team of bandit who is originally instigated by Xianzu Mei that the purpose is to snatch a lady who was forced to marry to a local commander.
Rong Ma, a Kuomintang soldier, leads troops to attack the bandits, the bandits¡¯ leader Heimu injured by Rong Ma and gets a bullet inside his body. In absence of any medical equipment, Xiaohong takes out the bullet and cures Heimu. In order to repay Xiaohong¡¯s life-saving grace, Heimu helps Xiaohong come to Yuping and opens up a medicine clinic for her. In Yuping, Xiaohong and Xianzu Mei become friends, as time goes by, they fall in love with each other and finally get married.
Three years later, Xianzu and Xiaohong leave their children at Mei¡¯s family and participate in Communist Party together.


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